Marrakesh Is The Morocco I Imagined It To Be


Jemaa EL Fnaa Plaza - Marrakesh

Jemaa EL Fna Plaza – Food stalls – Marrakesh

Snake charmers, belly dancers and story tellers scattered across the Jemaa El Fna plaza. This is the Morocco that I imagined it to be. The experience of Marrakesh is a lot different from Fez. People are not as aggressive. The atmosphere is really relaxing and inviting to tourists.

We walked through the medina because we wanted to do a little shopping. The fun and challenging part of shopping? Bargaining. It’s all a part of the culture. You’ll be surprise at how much lower you can go from the initial quoted price. 550 dirham for a tea set you say? How about 250? No? It’s ok then, thank you. Then you pretend to walk away slowly and 99.9% of the time they’ll call you back.

On a side note, I don’t know why, but when I go into bargaining mode, I suddenly have a Vietnamese accent. I blame my mom for this one. My English suddenly becomes broken and I throw in ‘my friend’ at the end of every sentence.

Yup, that's a goat's head you see there.

Yup, that’s a goat’s head you see there.

“Come and eat here.”

“No thank you, we just ate, but maybe tomorrow.”

“Ok, you promise? Where are you from?”


“Chillax my friend, you know what? It’s really all the same shit here…just different vendors.”

Did he just say chillax and shit in the same sentence? I laughed.

“No really.”

“I like your style my friend, but maybe tomorrow” I said.

And he was right. Navigating through the rows and rows of food stalls was a challenging one, but then you realize it’s all the same food just different vendors competing for the same customers. Marrakesh has Moroccan street food at its best. Finally…some food that I can chow down to.

Beef stew - Eat like the Moroccans do. With your hands!

Beef stew

Eat like the Moroccans do. With your hands! And that I did. Meanwhile, Jimmy had to go all high maintenance and asked for a fork. Rookie move.

A great view to chow down to.

A great view to chow down to.

Stall No. 1

Stall No. 1

The grilled shrimp here was so good that Melanie and I ordered 2 orders each. I inhaled both plates in under 10 minutes.

Aaaand….I just saw a giant cockroach run across our living room floor. I jumped on my seat and yelled ‘OMG’ as I grabbed my shoe to smack at it. Jimmy stands up on top of the couch and hides behind a cushion pillow. Good to know he’s got my back if anything were to happen. Haha…

PS – I give Jimmy a hard time, but I consider him to be one of my best friends and a really cool and awesome guy to travel with.

PPS – He paid me to say that.

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