Come inside! Wait…I can only fit 2.5 people.

My comfy cozy bed for those lazy Sundays

My comfy cozy bed for those lazy Sundays

I live in a shoe box. Literally, a shoe box. I tell all of my friends this and they just look at me with a smile and say…oh, it can’t be that small. Then the few that do come over…

“Oh, so… you really do live in a shoe box.”

I live in Pacific Heights which is a fairly safe and nice neighborhood in San Francisco. I knew that when I moved back to the city, this was the area that I wanted to come back to. At the time, I wasn’t willing to pay more than $2k a month for my own place. So with that, I found a place that was well below my budget but I had to really compromise in the amount of space that I would get with it. Now, however, if you’re looking for a $2k studio, that’s a steal. Don’t even get me started on the SF rental market. It’s a complete nightmare.

So I had to make do with what I had, which meant that I had to be creative with my 12×12 (minus the bathroom, closet and kitchen) shoe box size apartment. I somehow managed to sneak in a little work area, a reading area and a sleep area. And the result of it is one cozy small space that I now call home!

With that, here’s a quick tour of my space. But wait…just 2 at a time please.

Hallway to main living area

Hallway to main living area

Reading area

Reading area – I’m a sucker for beat up leather couches.

“Oh, this old thing? I got it while I was in Paris.”

When I travel, I love to pick up vintage things here and there to add to my apartment. A rug from Turkey, a vintage jewelry box from Barcelona or a pill case from Bruges. They all add a little charm and fill my apartment with stories from my travels.


Books and Baubles

Books and Baubles

Books are an easy way to decorate your coffee table and even trays. I also collect a ton of jewelry. Rather than keeping all of the pretty baubles locked up inside my jewelry boxes, I like to display them out in the open. It adds glam and makes the apartment feel a bit feminine chic.

My tiny work space that fits for someone just my size

My tiny workspace that fits for someone just my size

I love taking short mental breaks and staring out my window to the red castle looking building across the street

View from my desk.

Ah…my tiny workspace. For a long time I didn’t have a place really to work from home. I would get up early in the morning and make my way to the nearest coffee shop where I proceeded to buy a cup of coffee for $5 and sit there for about 8 hours working away on my laptop. There were days where I felt really lazy and just wanted to simply work from the comfort of my home. I have a tiny space besides my bed with bay windows looking out in to the street across from my building. The only challenge was finding a desk small enough to fit into that space. The solution? An Ikea patio desk! Ha! It fits perfectly and somewhat goes with my light and airy decor that I have going on. Now this tiny area has a function and a purpose!

Making good use of built in shelves

Making good use of built-in shelves

I hate clutter. Some of my friends have compared me to Monica from the show Friends, but I don’t think I am that extreme. One of the perks of having a small space is the constant need to edit it and keep it organized! It forces me to go in to a routine like making my bed every morning so that when I come home from work, it feels warm and welcoming vs. cluttered and chaotic.

Most of my ideas are inspired from hours wasted onĀ

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