36 Going on 22

Full day of walking

This is my 3rd time in Dublin and I was determined to see the Trinity College Library. The last couple of times I just never made it or it was closed when I arrived. I walked up to the ticket booth and asked for a solo ticket. One. Uno. The rate was 11 euros for one adult. The guy at the cashier made small chit chat and then asked me what I was studying. I was a bit confused and then I realized that he thought I was a student. He gave me the student rate and saved me 1.50 euros…total score! Apparently, I’m 36 going on 22.

Behold the Trinity College Library!

Book lover’s dream

Can I get some OOO’s and Ahhh’s? The library is absolutely beautiful and contains the Book of Kells. I was just so happy to finally get to see this. I guess 3rd time’s a charm.

Afterwards, I ventured out into the cold and walked around Dublin. The best part about traveling solo is that you’re not one anyone’s time but your own.

Famous Temple Bar


The temperature was starting to drop so I was rushing to get back home. As I was crossing the bridge, this caught my attention. Just completely beautiful. For a brief moment, I realized how lucky I was to be able to have this kind of experience. So, I stood there for a few minutes just soaking it all in.

I’m finally back at the apartment and it’s 8pm and I realized that I haven’t eaten all day. The time zone difference is just throwing me off. I decided to walk down to the local grocery store and whip up some spaghetti in our nice kitchen.

Cooking dinner in our fancy kitchen

So now I’m lounging on the couch and inhaling my spaghetti while watching Big Bang Theory. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

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