Sunday morning lounging.

Sunday morning lounging.

Stepping inside a Virgin America plane is like stepping inside the hottest night club in Las Vegas. Except here I can drink in mah sweatpants without judgement. It’s early Sunday morning and I’m not mentally prepared for this. I’m doing a quick flight to LA for a night to celebrate modern day love. And I when I say modern day love, I really mean modern day love.

Girl from London posts a picture on Instagram

Boy from LA comments on picture

Girl meets Boy via Skype

Girl flies to LA to meet Boy for the first time

Boy falls in love with Girl

Girl falls in love with Boy

And the rest they say…is modern day history

So here I am…enroute to LA to celebrate the nuptials of these two love birds.

PS – I saw Randy Jackson sitting in first class. “Oh hey, Randy Jackson. What’s that you say? You want me to sing for you?”