Get Me On A Plane

Waiting for my transfer flight (Turkey '13)

Dead tired and waiting for my transfer flight (Turkey ’13)

I’ve decided that I’m heading back to Europe. San Francisco may be the wife that I’ll always come home to, but Europe…Europe is my mistress. May is the month. Morocco, Paris, Lake Como, Venice and Rome are the destinations. Planning starts now!

Long Weekend Getaway: Seattle

Enroute to Seattle!

Enroute to Seattle!

Finally a long weekend! I’ve been having travel withdrawals so this past weekend we decided to hop on the plane and take a short trip out to Seattle. The city of Seattle is becoming like a mini version of San Francisco. It has all of the qualities of one. Close to the water, lots of tech companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Goog, etc…), incredible food scene, and they are building and expanding on real estate like mad there.

Pike's Market Place

Pike’s Market Place

It rained nearly the entire time we were there, but we made the best of it. We were running around the city like mad with the rain beating down on to our umbrellas and strong winds that would occasionally flip it in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, I think everyone back home in SF was enjoying the warm California sun. *Sighs…

The Public Market is probably my one of my favorite places to hang out at in Seattle. You can watch the fishmongers over at Pike’s Place throw giant fishes that are ready to be wrapped up and delivered to their customers. There are endless stalls of seafood, flowers and souvenirs that you can buy.

Tulip stalls

Tulip stalls

After a browsing around a bit, we were getting a little hungry so we decided to stop by Jack’s Fish Spot. We ordered fish and chips, cioppino and half a dozen of raw oysters. I inhaled everything. I think Toby was shocked at how much I can eat. Isn’t that what you do while on vacation? Eat, sleep, and sightsee?

I was waiting for Toby to finish his food so I kept myself entertained by watching all of the cooks in the kitchen. It was an open space, so you could see everything that was going on behind the counter where we were seated. I was watching a guy fill up a bucket with extremely hot water. He added a bit of bleach and some kind of blue liquid to the bucket. The cook walks over from the stove with his knife, dips it into the bucket and proceeded to clean his knife with it. Ah, it was a mix for cleaning kitchen utensils.

The other worker comes back and picks up the bucket and sets it on the floor. He turns around and picks up a mop and dips it INTO the bucket?

Wait…THE MOP?!?! Did I just see this all happen?

I stared down at our empty plates and looked over at Toby and his happy face as he’s licking all of his fingers one by one. All. Gone. 

Well, I thought…this is going to end well.

Inside the Public Market

Inside the Public Market

Seattle wouldn’t be complete without a visit up to the Space Needle. We braced the cold and stood outside in the freezing rain in an effort to smile for a picture as proof that we were there. After a few snaps, I quickly ran to the nearest door and headed inside to shield from the cold. Was it worth the $19? Probably in the summer time when you can actually stand outside for more than 5 minutes to enjoy the views.

Space Needle

Space Needle

Be still my heart. Literally.

Orange cinnamon, pistachio butter, maple syrup, and probably enough butter to make even Paula Deen cringe. Hands down the best french toast I’ve ever had.


Where? Dahlia Lounge/Bakery in Seattle, WA. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Perfection. I’d marry it if I could. But it wouldn’t last. I’d end up just eating it.

Dahlia's french toast

Dahlia’s french toast

Of course, I jinxed it.

What’s a vacation without a visit to the ER? Ending my vacation with a visit to the hospital seems to be my forte the last couple of times I’ve traveled. So here it is folks…another trip to the ER which lead to me missing my flight back home. Toby had food poisoning (probably from Jack’s Fish Spot). I luckily didn’t get food poisoning, but I had ruptured something in my lower abdomen area which caused a lot of pain and bleeding. After what felt like an eternity, we were finally released from the hospital. We immediately rushed to the airport in hopes of catching the next flight home. Seven hours later on standby, we got on to the very last flight. I’ve never been happier to be at home and resting in my own bed.

PS – I’m fine. I just hope this doesn’t become some sort of a tradition for when I travel.

Ending yet another vacation in the hospital.

Ending yet another vacation in the hospital.

My Home – Pacific Heights

What my laptop says...

What my laptop says…

I love rainy days like these. In moderation of course. We’re in desperate need of rain right now due to the terrible drought. And those god awful marketing campaigns that have been going on in an effort to save water.

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.” Sad to say, this has stuck with me.

On days like these, I love to stay in. With fresh flowers blooming in my apartment, candles lit, music (c/o Of Monsters and Men) and a little snack baking in the oven, I’ve created my own little piece of paradise sheltered away from the pouring rain. Not too shabby eh?

Artichokes, green bean fries (recipe from my friend's blog at, olive oi, salt, and pepper.

Roasted garlic stuffed artichokes & crispy green bean fries (recipe: pinkbrandywine)

I’m going to cover my home: Pac Heights. The ‘you aren’t rich enough to live here-landia’ as highlighted by The Bold Italic. And I am not. I just got lucky with my apartment. It is truly one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in San Francisco. There’s really nothing really here other than Danielle Steel’s house, Robo-dick, and large beautiful victorian homes worth millions of dollars.

Pacific Heights Victorian Homes

Pacific Heights Victorian Homes

I really chose this location for being within walking distance to everything from the beach to the urban city. Plus I don’t feel like I’m going to get robbed if I walk home late at night. I still run like a bat out of hell though. Pac Heights itself has a lot of charm and stunning views of San Francisco. Especially this view:

Ah, such a Pac Heights hidden gem (aka Robo-dick). This robot stands in front of an estimated $10 million+ home in a ritzy neighborhood. Way to piss off the rich.


Ah, such a Pac Heights hidden gem (aka Robo-dick). This robot stands in front of an estimated $10 million+ home in a ritzy neighborhood. Way to piss off the rich.

Pac Heights Highlights

Favorite Restaurant: SPQR for great wine and pastas.

Where To Go: Fillmore for boutiques and restaurants. If you have time, drop by the Clay theatre for an old movie showing. It has a very classic vintage charm.

What To See: Hop over to Lafayette Park for a picnic lunch and amazing views – take a peek over at Danielle Steele’s house and the 2006 Washington pink building located to the right of it. I kid you not, HOA to the pink building alone is $5,000 a month. I hear they bathe you in champagne. If not, they should for that kind of money.

Time to munch. Mmmm…

Crispy Green Bean Fries

Crispy Green Bean Fries