Come inside! Wait…I can only fit 2.5 people.

My comfy cozy bed for those lazy Sundays

My comfy cozy bed for those lazy Sundays

I live in a shoe box. Literally, a shoe box. I tell all of my friends this and they just look at me with a smile and say…oh, it can’t be that small. Then the few that do come over…

“Oh, so… you really do live in a shoe box.”

I live in Pacific Heights which is a fairly safe and nice neighborhood in San Francisco. I knew that when I moved back to the city, this was the area that I wanted to come back to. At the time, I wasn’t willing to pay more than $2k a month for my own place. So with that, I found a place that was well below my budget but I had to really compromise in the amount of space that I would get with it. Now, however, if you’re looking for a $2k studio, that’s a steal. Don’t even get me started on the SF rental market. It’s a complete nightmare.

So I had to make do with what I had, which meant that I had to be creative with my 12×12 (minus the bathroom, closet and kitchen) shoe box size apartment. I somehow managed to sneak in a little work area, a reading area and a sleep area. And the result of it is one cozy small space that I now call home!

With that, here’s a quick tour of my space. But wait…just 2 at a time please.

Hallway to main living area

Hallway to main living area

Reading area

Reading area – I’m a sucker for beat up leather couches.

“Oh, this old thing? I got it while I was in Paris.”

When I travel, I love to pick up vintage things here and there to add to my apartment. A rug from Turkey, a vintage jewelry box from Barcelona or a pill case from Bruges. They all add a little charm and fill my apartment with stories from my travels.


Books and Baubles

Books and Baubles

Books are an easy way to decorate your coffee table and even trays. I also collect a ton of jewelry. Rather than keeping all of the pretty baubles locked up inside my jewelry boxes, I like to display them out in the open. It adds glam and makes the apartment feel a bit feminine chic.

My tiny work space that fits for someone just my size

My tiny workspace that fits for someone just my size

I love taking short mental breaks and staring out my window to the red castle looking building across the street

View from my desk.

Ah…my tiny workspace. For a long time I didn’t have a place really to work from home. I would get up early in the morning and make my way to the nearest coffee shop where I proceeded to buy a cup of coffee for $5 and sit there for about 8 hours working away on my laptop. There were days where I felt really lazy and just wanted to simply work from the comfort of my home. I have a tiny space besides my bed with bay windows looking out in to the street across from my building. The only challenge was finding a desk small enough to fit into that space. The solution? An Ikea patio desk! Ha! It fits perfectly and somewhat goes with my light and airy decor that I have going on. Now this tiny area has a function and a purpose!

Making good use of built in shelves

Making good use of built-in shelves

I hate clutter. Some of my friends have compared me to Monica from the show Friends, but I don’t think I am that extreme. One of the perks of having a small space is the constant need to edit it and keep it organized! It forces me to go in to a routine like making my bed every morning so that when I come home from work, it feels warm and welcoming vs. cluttered and chaotic.

Most of my ideas are inspired from hours wasted onĀ

Happy 1 Year San Francisco!

Warm SF Beaches in Oct

Warm SF Beaches in Oct – Just a short walk away

Ok, ok…it’s a little over year, but it sure has been a hell of a year. I can finally mark my 1 year (+ a little more) anniversary of living in San Francisco. And with that, I will celebrate this by eating a cupcake, in my PJs, and in my nice big comfy bed. So there you have it. San Francisco has officially stolen my heart.

The year has been a good one. No, scratch that…an abso-fucken-lutely amazing one.

I’ve always told myself, I would never become one of those San Franciscan snobs who only lives, walks and breathe the city. But now ironically, I am eating my own words.

But why San Francisco? Why do I love you so much?

I’m paying an arm and leg to live in a shoe box size apartment. I can’t even afford to move anywhere else since rent is ridiculously insane.

I put up with roughly 3 hours of commute every day to my job in Mountain View.

I spend at least $100 a month in cabs rides just to get around the city.

I probably spend twice as much at the bars. Not to mention the terrible hangovers and the broken promises that I keep making to myself on never drinking ever again…only to rinse, lather and repeat again the next weekend.

I’m overpaying for basic things like groceries, coffee, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, etc…And somehow that’s ok b/c we’ve come to accept it as part of living in the city.

I’m constantly bundled up because it’s freezing like 99.9% of the time in the city. Ok, maybe that’s a lie. Lately, it has been cold like 85% of the time.

Why I love my location - Marina - not so for the douches but more so for the water

Why I love where I live – although at this rate I won’t be able to move anywhere else

So why do you ask? Because this city is worth it. I’ve always said to my friends…if you’re bored and you’re living in the city, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

I love that I can walk a couple blocks down the street and meet up with my friends for a glass of wine and gossip on any given night.

I love the amazing food and the abundance of restaurant choices that this city has to offer.

I love that I can walk a few blocks north and I’m at the beach enjoying the warm (Ok…a lot of the time cold) sun, sand and water.

I also love that I can walk a few blocks in the opposite direction and I’m surrounded by the urban city.

I love that I can just walk. (Although, I really want to bike, but haven’t gotten over the fear of riding on the streets of San Francisco. My dream really is to get a Vespa!)

Music festivals, street fairs, art shows, musicals, museums…pretty much tons of events.

And when it’s warm out, which is like 0.1% of the time (yes, my math should be right), the city feels alive, festive and vibrant. It makes the other 99.9% of the time dealing with the cold weather…all well worth it.

I love Dolores Park, Bi-Rite, Hayes Valley, Amelie…

I love how accepting and liberal this city is.

So there you have it. I’m a proud San Francisco snob. Hate me for it if you will my lovely suburban friends. This is my home.

Some of my best SF buds

Some of my best SF buds


You Must Be Cray

A few of my friends are talking about doing The Rickshaw Run in India for next year. I must be crazy for even considering it. It will be an adventure and a story to tell for sure.

After watching the video, all I can think of is…holy crap. That. Is. Awesome. And you want to know what the best part of this is? It’s all done for charity.