My Love Affair with San Francisco

It’s been a few years since I’ve revisited this blog. Somewhere between traveling the world and my job, I’ve completely neglected what I love to do most in my spare time…to simply write. Coffee shops are my escape these days. There’s something about sitting in a crowded coffee shop that switches on my creative thinking, but I’m also looking around and wondering…”It’s midweek. How the hell is it that there are so many people here? Don’t they have jobs?”

I moved back to city in August of 2012 after a brief stint back in the South Bay. Even though I grew up in the suburbs and had the most amazing time there, my new love affair is now with San Francisco. In less than 9 months, I packed up my bags and headed back for what seems to be the next big chapter in my life. This city is just so full of life that I don’t think I’ve had a moment to really take a step back and soak in all of what it has to offer. So San Francisco is where I am at the moment, but I’m hoping not for long. Who knows where I’ll end up next, but it’s exciting to think about where my next big love affair will be.


This was when I first discovered how much better coffee is in Spain than it is back home. Just inject this into my bloodstream already. (El Quim, Barcelona, Spain)